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Neon Nexus

Neon Nexus - Cyberpunk Science Fiction

Neon Nexus is not just a story of futuristic tech and corporate intrigue, but a deep dive into what defines us as humans in a world where the lines between man and machine are increasingly blurred. In 2145, Neo-Tokaido isn’t just a city; it’s a pulsating, living organism of neon lights and shadowy secrets, a […]

Guardians of Terra

Guardians of Terra

In the mystical realm of Terra, balance is maintained by four elemental stones. Liora, a warrior from the Earth clan, receives a forewarning of a looming catastrophe. Guided by this vision, she sets out to assemble a team of elite warriors: Elara, Calyx, and Zephyra, each representing Water, Fire, and Air clans, respectively. An ancient […]


In a universe where technology and diplomacy keep a delicate peace among countless star systems, a weapon with the capability to harness the devastating power of black holes, named *Oblivion*, goes missing. The fate of galaxies hangs in the balance. Agent Zephyr, an elite operative for the Galactic Intelligence Agency, is assigned the perilous mission […]