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See You in Hell

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“See You in Hell” follows the journey of Selene, a powerful witch, as she grapples with a prophecy that positions her at the center of an eternal battle between good and evil. Pursued by demons, especially the enigmatic Azriel and the powerful Bael, Selene is drawn into the depths of hell. As she faces trials, horrors, and temptations, an unexpected romance blossoms between her and Azriel, a demon who begins questioning his nature.

In the heart of hell, the ultimate battle ensues. Love, loyalty, and destiny are tested, and sacrifices are made. The fate of both realms hangs in the balance, determined by choices made in the fires of passion and war.

1. Introduction: The Awakening

  • Meet Selene, a witch who, on her 25th birthday, discovers her powers have evolved, drawing attention from the demon realm.
    She begins seeing visions of hell, a forewarning of what’s to come.

2. The Pursuit Begins

  • Demons start to make their presence known in Selene’s life. She’s pursued by two in particular: Bael, the demon of power and seduction, and Azriel, the demon of shadows and secrets.
  • Both have their reasons for pursuing Selene and represent different factions of hell.

3. A Forbidden Attraction

  • Selene finds herself drawn to Azriel, sensing a piece of goodness within him. He’s equally intrigued, torn between his duty and his unexpected feelings for her.

4. Discovery of Prophecy

  • Selene learns of an ancient prophecy that speaks of a powerful witch who could tip the balance in the eternal battle between good and evil.
  • She is that witch, and her decisions will determine the outcome.

5. Training and Preparation

  • Selene seeks guidance from ancient witches and guardians to harness her newfound powers.
  • Amidst her training, her romance with Azriel blooms, but it’s fraught with challenges due to his demonic nature.

6. Betrayal and Capture

  • Bael deceives Selene, capturing her and bringing her to hell.
  • Azriel is faced with a choice: loyalty to his demonic realm or to the witch he’s grown to love.

7. Journey Through Hell

  • Selene witnesses the horrors and wonders of the demon realm. She faces trials, confronts her worst fears, and makes unexpected allies.

8. The Epic Battle

  • As the forces of good and evil converge, an epic battle ensues in hell’s fiery depths.
  • Selene, with the support of Azriel and her allies, confronts Bael.

9. Choice and Sacrifice

  • The climax: Selene must make a monumental choice that will decide the fate of both realms.
  • Azriel makes a sacrificial decision, further proving his love for Selene.

10. Return and Resolution

  • Selene returns to her world, forever changed by her experiences. The balance between realms is restored but at a cost.
  • The story concludes with a bittersweet reunion between Selene and Azriel, hinting at a future together.


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