AI Story Guru

Have an idea for a story but don’t know where to begin? Wish that AI could magically kick out the outline for you and tell you exactly what you need to write? Don’t worry. It can!

And that’s exactly what AI Story Guru is about!

Step 1: Tell the AI what kind of story you want to write.  You can pick from any of a zillion genres and subgenres. Here are just a few examples.

  • A Spy Thriller
  • A Dark Mafia Romance
  • A Sci-Fi Alien Romance
  • A Pyscholigcal thriller
  • A Gothic Horror Space Opera

It doesn’t matter if you are writing fantasy, romance, or mystery. AI can help you come up with the perfect outline.

Step 2: Tell the AI a little bit about your story idea. The more information you can provide the AI, the better outline it will be able to give you. Do you have any characters in mind? Do they have drama? Where do they live? What’s the big picture? Do you want to write a book like James Bond set in outer space?

Step 3: Click generate!


Yeah, it really is that simple. After you tell the AI what kind of book you want to write and a little bit about your story idea, you simply tell it to generate a story outline and detailed book synopsis.

If you don’t like the outline it gives you, go back to step two, tell it a little more about your book idea, and then re-generate a new outline.

The AI will produce for you a step-by-step, chapter-by-chapter outline, so you know exactly what you need to write.